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Inherent Good partners with companies and organizations who are creating and contributing to new systems that work for all people and the planet.

We offer brand strategy, communication design, and development support. Together we translate your value, engage communities, increase funding, and drive social and environmental impact in line with your mission.

Innovation is a by-product of empathy. Winning ideas are a by-product of taking risks. Excellence is the by-product of empowered cultures. Profits are the by-product of happy customers. Success is a by-product of mattering.

Bernadette Jiwa
The Story of Ideas That Fly

Innovative Learning Center (ILC)


Working with edupreneur, Dr. Angelicque Tucker Blackmon, we researched, designed and built ILC’s beta proprietary Data Storytelling Tool, an online hub for its world class STEM clients. The WordPress site is embedded with interactive Tableau visualizations that bring program achievements and growth opportunities to life. The tool allows program teams to access real-time evaluation insights and effectively collaborate for greater diversity, inclusion, equity and excellence.

  • Brand strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Website design & development
  • White paper copywriting
Tableau Modeling by Cassandra Duchan
Dr. Angelicque Tucker Blackmon, Innovative Learning Center

Just think about all the entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ideas you are birthing in your role as entrepreneur midwife! Our ideas can’t get to life without someone who has your creative genius, patience, care and concern.

Dr. Angelicque Tucker Blackmon, Founder, Innovative Learning Center

African Conservation Centre


We helped ACC (through its sister organization, ACC-US), organize its legacy of work into concise areas of impact, clarifying the organization’s purpose and value as a pioneer of community-based conservation—protecting biodiversity in East Africa through the collaborative application of scientific and Maasai indigenous knowledge, improved livelihoods, and good governance. We’ve created websites, print collateral, multi-channel fundraising campaigns, and continue to help with brand maintenance.

  • Brand strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Website design & development
  • Print design
  • Copywriting
Iconography by Deadwilder


African Conservation Centre - US, Carolyn Greene

As a start-up non-profit we needed the kitchen sink when it came to marketing and building our online presence. Mary took the time to deeply understand our organization, our target audience and what we needed to reach them. She designed and built two beautiful websites, an e-newsletter, and outreach materials that have helped us build a larger constituency and donor base. This translates into more dollars for community-based wildlife conservation! I feel fortunate to have found such a talented person who is truly passionate about helping our organization thrive.

Carolyn Green, Executive Director, African Conservation Centre – US

Alliance Abroad Group


520 Collective, a strategy and innovation firm, brought Inherent Good on board to help clarify Alliance Abroad Group’s purpose and potential as it transitions leadership and plans for its next chapter of growth. Through interviews, surveys and workshops with stakeholders (team members, exchange students, hosting companies and exchange sponsors), we found a new narrative particularly relevant in a global climate of increased economic disparity, xenophobia and tightening borders. Our collaboration allowed AAG to expand its focus from a global travel company to a social impact business, supporting a new generation of leaders and companies skilled and eager to contribute to cross-cultural learning, as well as greater equity and opportunity for all.

In partnership with 520 Collective

Conscious Cleanse


Health coaches and authors, Jo Schaalman and Julie (Jules) Pelaez have been connecting thousands of real people with real food to achieve real results for over a decade. Participants experience myriad benefits of the Conscious Cleanse programs, including a supportive community, increased energy, weight loss, and freedom from chronic ailments. We created this responsive WordPress site, launching their programs worldwide. The site’s flexible content management system allows for in-house maintenance and long-term growth.

Identity by Hoog
Conscious Cleanse Founders, Jo & Jules

Mary is the best! She helped us rebrand our company website. Working with her was fun and easy. She’s light-hearted and easy-going (even under stress and tight deadlines), and extremely responsive. Mary quickly got our brand personality and did an excellent job giving us a fresh make over.

Jules Peláez, Co-Founder of the Conscious Cleanse

Taking Root


Taking Root connects travelers to farms, farmers and food artisans through curated adventures in America’s lesser known, agriculturally-rich regions. We worked with founder, Dr. Leah Mayor, to design and develop a website that shares Taking Root’s impact of stimulating local economies and celebrates connections to what sustains us. In addition to strategy, identity and site design, we collaborated on the layout of her forthcoming book: Sustenance, Backroad Adventures into the Future of America’s Farm.

  • Brand strategy
  • Website design & development
  • Print design